Press Releases

  • 07.07.00

    Ohio ACLU Wins Kidwell Case in Elections Commission

    Panel Rules Website Protected by FIrst Amendment

    In a victory for free speech, the Ohio Elections Commission this morning dismissed a complaint against Union, Ohio resident Ronald Kidwell. ACLU volunteer attorney, Professor Richard Saphire represented Kidwell before the commission in this morning’s hearing. Commission members asked only a few questions after Saphire had completed his presentation before voting unanimously to dismiss the Read more…

    Free Speech
  • 06.28.00

    ACLU Praises Decision to Strike “Partial-Birth” Abortion Plan

    Decision Likely to Impact Present Ohio Law

    In a victory for reproductive choice, the U.S. Supreme Court today decided 5-4, to strike down Nebraska’s so-called “partial-birth” abortion ban. Nebraska’s ban, like those in other states, defined the prohibited procedures in intentionally vague language. The ban was not limited to a certain type of procedure nor was it limited to late-term abortions. It Read more…

    Reproductive Freedom
  • 04.20.00

    Ohio State Motto Unconstitutional

    U.S. Court of Appeals Finds Motto Violates First Amendment

    In a lengthy and carefully reasoned opinion, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit declared the official motto of the State of Ohio unconstitutional.  The motto “With God All Things Are Possible” was adopted after being suggested by a Cincinnati boy in 1959.  The motto is a direct quote from Matthew 19:26, Read more…

    Religious Liberty
  • 04.20.00

    ACLU of Ohio Settles Lawsuit Involving Censored T-Shirt

    Today, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Ohio Foundation, Inc. announced that it successfully settled a lawsuit on April 19th against the City of Northwood involving the unconstitutional censorship of a t-shirt by Northwood Police. The terms of the settlement include $4,500 in damages to Daniel Shellhammer, the youth whose t-shirt was confiscated, $500 Read more…

    Free Speech
  • 04.06.00

    State Appeals Court Vacates Sentence of Pregnant Prisoner

    Yuriko Kawaguchi Case Remanded to Common Pleas Court

    The Ohio Court of Appeals for the Eighth Judicial District (Cuyahoga County) today vacated the sentence of Yuriko Kawaguchi. In October 1998, Kawaguchi was sentenced to six months in prison by Judge Patricia Cleary, for her role in a credit card scheme. Remarks made from the bench during the sentencing hearing, as well as irregularities Read more…

    Reproductive Freedom