Together, We Rise

Together, we rise

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Dear Friend,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones well. All of us at the ACLU of Ohio send our care and encouragement during these unsettling, uncertain times.

In almost every respect, both COVID-19 and the brutal police murders of Black Americans have exacerbated – in cruel fashion – the big issues the ACLU fights for every day. In addition, voting access, racial equity, ending police violence and mass incarceration, safeguarding reproductive care, protecting the rights of people with disabilities, standing with immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees, are cornerstone to the ACLU’s mission.

Yet, this year, the pandemic itself – in addition to bringing widespread worry, illness, and death – has also brought with it a watershed of heartless apathy and misdirected political opportunism that only magnifies the great inequity and injustice all around us. Thankfully, ACLU supporters, like you, will not abide it.

Together, we have risen to every challenge – fighting with every tool at our disposal and every ounce of our collective determination. Joining our voices and actions, the ACLU of Ohio has demanded compassionate, constitutional responses.

2020 likely won’t be remembered well by history, but ACLU supporters can look back over the past several months with pride at what we’ve accomplished together – with great care for our neighbors’ safety and their civil rights.

You are intrinsically linked to the ACLU’s accomplishments in 2020, because your contribution is what makes our push-back possible and push-forward plausible. Thank you!

As we look toward 2021, we must be ready for the constant attacks on our civil liberties by Ohio legislators and state officials who show little regard for constitutional guardrails. They’re not interested in fundamental fairness or level playing fields, but the ACLU is. We must remember that Ohio’s grossly gerrymandered congressional and legislative districts come up for remapping in 2021. It’s always something, and the ACLU needs to remain strong in the fight for what’s right and just.

Thank you for standing strong with us. Together, we will rise above the political divisions and hold all state and federal officials accountable, regardless of political party. We will always dare to create a more perfect union.

With great gratitude,

Ben Guess

Ben Guess
Executive Director, ACLU of Ohio

P.S. If you havent already, please consider a gift to the ACLU of Ohio Foundation’s End-of-Year Impact Campaign.