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  • 10.29.15

    Asking for Help Is Protected Speech—Even If You Are Homeless

    freedom of speech graffiti

    Helping out a neighbor in need is one of the best things that we do as humans. It shouldn’t be a crime to ask for that help.

    Yet Akron, Dayton, and other cities across Ohio and the country have passed laws that try to silence those in need from telling others about it.  

  • 10.27.15

    A Fresh Start to Save Thousands of Ohioans’ Futures

    Marijuana, handcuffs, fingerprint sheet

    A criminal conviction damages a person’s present life and future prospects. From employment to housing, higher education enrollment and student loans, a criminal conviction creates so many barriers to opportunities. Given those startling facts, we can agree that a state prison system operating at 130 percent capacity is unhealthy for those incarcerated and for the state that put them there.

  • 10.23.15

    Why Your Vote DOES Matter This Year

    Issues 1, 2, 3 - Vote Yes, No, Yes

    While it is not a presidential election year, this November 3 might be the most important day you will ever cast your ballot in Ohio.

    And no, we are not talking about marijuana.

    We are talking about the very important, but sadly unexciting, issue of redrawing state legislative districts to be fairer.

  • 10.19.15

    Voting: Civil Death, Misinformation, and Marginalization

    Handcuffs at the ballot box

    To vote in the United States, you must be a citizen and 18 years or older. However, in some states citizens are stripped of their right to vote permanently. Luckily, Ohio is not one of those states.

    Who are these citizens robbed of their right to participate in democracy?

  • 10.16.15

    The Harsh Realities of Prison, Through the Lens of Piper Kerman, Author of Orange is the New Black

    Piper Kerman - Orange Is The New Black

    Prison is not the easiest topic to make entertaining, but The Washington Post called “Orange is the New Black” “the best TV show about prison ever made.” Of course “Orange is the New Black” is not all entertainment, and not entirely fiction.

  • 10.15.15

    A Fresh Start is Needed for Those Left Behind

    Marijuana Handcuffs

    With early voting now underway in Ohio, the potential that marijuana may be legalized remains the hottest political topic in our state. With Colorado reporting sales of $100 million in just the last month, it’s ensured that legalization will remain on peoples’ minds here and everywhere else.

  • 10.12.15

    A Need for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

    Indigenous Peoples' Day 2015

    For some, Columbus Day is federal holiday and a day off for many workers. For Native Americans, it’s not a day of celebration. It’s a day to remember the invasion of 1492 that led to murder, illness, robbery, rape, kidnapping, assimilation, and relocation.

  • 10.09.15

    Ohio Should Not Use People with Down Syndrome in Political Fight About Abortion

    Woman Waiting

    The ACLU supports a woman’s access to the full range of reproductive health care, including abortion, by working to ensure that every woman can make the best decision for herself and her family without undue political interference. We also strive for an America free of discrimination against people with disabilities.

  • 10.05.15

    Speaking of Civil Liberties…

    Statue of Liberty

    The great purple state of Ohio has long been a political battleground with issues like voting rights, LGBT rights, mass incarceration, and police practices dominating the public discourse.

    Republican and Democratic presidential candidates have been visiting the Buckeye State recently, providing their two cents on these issues in hopes for our vote.

  • 10.02.15

    Decriminalization Doesn’t Do the Whole Job

    Marijuana leaves

    Michael is 23, African-American and incarcerated because he was caught with a bag of marijuana. Now he’s a “repeat offender” because of a similar arrest years ago. He’s lost his job, freedoms, college plans, perhaps his shot at any decent future.