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HB 108 – Rape Crisis Programs Fund (2013-2014)

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HB 108 establishes a fund for eligible rape crisis programs. Revenue for the fund comes from a one-time $100 fee charged to first time sexual offender registrants, with non-paying registrants facing civil action from the attorney general to recover the fees. It also authorizes an additional fine of anywhere from $50 to $500 for sexually oriented offenses and specific crimes involving children.

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While ensuring adequate funding for resources aimed at the needs of rape survivors is an important public concern, HB 108 is a problematic legislative response. The imposed $100 fee is in addition to the $50 to $500 fine also authorized by this bill and other fines required under existing law. Many people who are transitioning out of incarceration simply will not be able to pay the growing list of fines and fees, and having the attorney general pursue them for payment will likely be a waste of taxpayer money. Despite its intentions, this funding plan is ultimately a misguided expansion of law.

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Passed the House on 6/12/13