Smart Justice

House Bill 456 - Proponent Testimony

To Chairman LaRe, Vice Chair White, Ranking Member Leland, and members of the House Criminal Justice Committee, thank you for this opportunity to provide proponent testimony for House Bill 456. 
Voting Rights

Senate Joint Resolution 6 - Interested Party Testimony

SJR 6 adds language to the Ohio Constitution explicitly prohibiting non-citizens of the United States from voting in Ohio's municipal elections. Non-citizens are already prohibited from voting in Ohio's...

Smart Justice

Senate Joint Resolution 5 – Opponent Testimony

Thank you for the opportunity to present opponent testimony in today’s hearing on Senate Joint Resolution 5 (“SJR 5”) which, because it proposes an unnecessary and harmful response to a Supreme Court of Ohio...


May 18, 2022

ACLU of Ohio Issues Statement on HJR 4 and SJR 6

We responded to HJR 4 and SJR 6, resolutions which clarify only a United States citizen is permitted to vote in Ohio elections, an effort entirely unneeded as existing Ohio law currently contains multiple...