Smart Justice

For decades, Ohio politicians sought to be “tough on crime” by increasing criminal penalties. Now our courts are overflowing and prisons designed to house 38,000 people hold almost 51,000.

First Amendment

When the framers of our Constitution insisted on Freedom of Speech rights, one of their aims was so that all Americans - no matter their social class or position in our society - could vigorously examine and criticize our government.

Non Discrimination

The ACLU of Ohio works to ensure that all Ohioans are secure in their basic rights, and that discrimination will not target the LGBTQ community, reproductive freedom, people living with disabilities, and women.

Voting Rights

The right to vote has been called the “vital principle of self-government and individual liberty.” When you register to vote and participate in elections, you play a critical role in preserving our democracy. Visit our Vote Center for more information about voting in Ohio and your rights.

General Civil Liberties

In Ohio and across the nation, civil liberties issues are constantly evolving. New and unique cases come up everyday, cases that may not fit neatly into any previously defined issue.

Immigrant Rights

Laws passed targeting immigrants are eventually extended to all citizens; for this reason, basic civil liberties, like the right to due process, must be protected for everyone.

Racial Justice

The ACLU envisions a free, safe and just society, where civil liberties are secure for all.

Youth Rights

Whether in school, in neighborhoods, or in the presence of law enforcement, the ACLU is committed to protecting young people’s constitutional rights. When the Constitution was first drafted, children were considered property of their parents and afforded few rights.

Reproductive Freedom

From access to birth control, to unbiased sex education, to the right to an abortion, the ACLU works to ensure women have full control over their reproductive lives.