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HB 100 – JobsOhio State Audits (2013-2014)

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HB 100 defines JobsOhio and its subsidiaries as public offices subject to state audits. It mandates that a report providing a full account of all public and private funds that are received and distributed be prepared by JobsOhio, its subsidiaries, and any economic development corporation that receives or distributes public funds. The prepared report is to be publicly available upon request.

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JobsOhio, the state’s public-private economic development non-profit, has had its operations and finances shielded from public scrutiny, despite receiving large amounts of public funds. This lack of transparency has left government watchdogs and the public without any way to monitor how public funds are being spent, and this sort of secrecy lends itself to mismanagement and abuse. HB 100 is an important legislative effort to increase government transparency where there has been far too little.