Mary Paxton - Headshot


director of development



Mary Paxton has always possessed a heart for those whose voices have been silenced, devalued, choked out by the environment around them and the noise in the world. From protesting to have her college divest from South Africa to spending her career in nonprofit organizations throughout Cleveland, Mary has championed the cause to help others fulfill their missions and be catalysts for meaningful, lasting change.

As director of development at the ACLU of Ohio, Mary has found a place where she can be instrumental in lifting up those silenced voices and ensuring that all fundamental human rights are appropriately restored and remain in place.

Mary has 20+ years’ experience in the nonprofit sector working with at-risk youth, food insecurity, homelessness, substance abuse and workforce development. Mary is a high school graduate of Laurel School in Shaker Heights, she received her B.A. in Economics from Allegheny College and her master’s in Non-Profit Administration from John Carroll University.