This legislation would effectively ban any local government authority and the Ohio State Highway Patrol from using automated traffic photo-monitoring cameras to detect any violation of traffic laws.

HB 69 was amended in the House to allow for traffic cameras on school zones during school opening and closing times or during recess; however an officer must be present at the location of the camera.

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Our Take on This Bill

It is essential to prevent abuse with these technologies by enacting the following requirements:

    1. Allow drivers to appeal their tickets to a truly neutral fact-finder or entity.
    2. Enact strict policies to prevent surveillance beyond their intended scope.
    3. Deploy cameras only where traffic safety issues are proven to exist.
    4. Create rules that ban selling any data gathered to third parties.
    5. Codify proper data retention policies so that any information gathered is not stored past a reasonable time period.

If all these concerns are met, this troubling practice can be made more tolerable.

Bill Status

Testimony on 4/16/13

Passed out of the House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee on 06/25/13

Passed out of the House on 06/26/13


State Government Oversight and Reform (S), Transportation / Public Safety / Homeland Security (H)


Rep. Becker (R), Rep. Blessing (R), Rep. Buchy (R), Rep. Burkley (R), Rep. Conditt (R), Rep. Dovilla (R), Rep. Hood (R), Rep. Huffman (R), Rep. J. Adams (R), Rep. Johnson (R), Rep. Lynch (R), Rep. Milkovich (D), Rep. Ramos (D), Rep. Reece (D), Rep. Rether


Rep. Maag (R), Rep. Mallory (D)



Bill number

HB 69