SB 93 expands existing law to require additional information about a public body’s executive sessions be publicly available. Among the bill’s provisions, it mandates:

  • Reporting the time executive sessions convene and adjourn, names of those present except in limited circumstances, such as discussion regarding employment or appointment, and the time each named individual attended;
  • Stating whether the executive session concerns a pending court action or an imminent court action and identifying the public body’s attorney;
  • Disclosing certain information on imminent court action if it was withheld no later than six months after an executive session; and,
  • Identifying the federal or state law or regulation that requires confidentiality of a matter in the executive session.

The bill also specifies court remedies for cases of non-compliance.

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Our Take on This Bill

Keeping the government open and accessible is vital to citizens being able to hold the government accountable. SB 93’s revisions of Ohio’s open meetings laws increase transparency around executive sessions of public bodies, allowing citizens a better view into the workings of government.


State Government Oversight and Reform (S)


Sen. Jones (R)



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SB 93