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March 5


Racial Justice NOW, a Montgomery County neighborhood organization devoted to eliminating systematic racism, is proud to host “Restoring H.O.P.E.” This all day event strives to bring people together to discuss issues affecting people of color in Montgomery County, from education to police brutality.

The ACLU of Ohio will be hosting an information session regarding Voting Rights and What To Do If You’re Stopped By the Police. This will be led by ACLU of Ohio Board Member and civil rights lawyer, Raphael Davis-Williams.

Seminar and workshop topics include:

  • The Changing Demographics of Ohio
  • Law Enforcement & Community Relations
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Law Update
  • Workforce Development & Retention
  • The Impact of Climate & Culture
  • Educating the Next Generation

Registration is not required. For more information, email info@rjnohio.org or visit the event’s Facebook Page.

Saturday, March 5
Central State University, Dayton
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May 24


Nothing better illustrates the issues facing transgender and gender-nonconforming Ohioans than the personal stories, experiences, and voices of transgender people themselves. We worked with an outstanding group of transgender Ohioans to put together five short videos: Transgender Spotlight.

Come watch our miniseries and meet our story tellers.

Wednesday, May 24
ACLU of Ohio, Max Wohl Civil Liberties Center, Cleveland
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June 7

A More Perfect Union with Susan Herman 

What would happen if we build bridges with our values and work toward a common vision? Together we could create a more perfect union. Join Susan Herman, National ACLU President, for a discussion.

A More Perfect Union with Susan Herman
Wednesday, June 7, noon
The Boat House at Confluence Park
679 W. Spring St.
Columbus, OH 43215

Susan Herman was elected President of the American Civil Liberties Union in October 2008, after having served on the ACLU National Board of Directors for twenty years, as a member of the Executive Committee for sixteen years, and as General Counsel for ten years. Herman holds a chair as Centennial Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School.

Registration for this event is required. Please visit the Columbus Metropolitan Club website to register. Discounted tickets are available for supporters of the ACLU of Ohio.

June 13


In light of President Trump’s escalation of anti-immigrant policies, Austin Kocher’s work is all the more urgent. Kocher is President of the Central Ohio Workers’ Center, which supports and advocates for workers, addressing poverty, gender discrimination, and immigration justice.

Join us as Kocher discusses the legal framework of immigration law, the process of enforcement, detainment, and deportation, and where Ohio stands.

Tuesday, June 13
ACLU of Ohio, Max Wohl Civil Liberties Center, Cleveland
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July 6


Authors D.A. Dirks and Patricia A. Relf will speak about their recent publication, To Offer Compassion: A History of the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion, the story of a largely forgotten group of religious leaders who consulted and aided women before Roe v. Wade.

In 1970, their work expanded and they opened their own clinic in New York City. Given the nation- and state-wide attempts to rollback reproductive freedom, we must look to the history of the movement as we continue to fight to protect our rights.

Thursday, July 6
ACLU of Ohio, Max Wohl Civil Liberties Center, Cleveland
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