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  • 07.08.16

    ACLU Appeals Voter Purge Ruling, Granted Quicker Timeline for Case

    CINCINNATI—The ACLU of Ohio has been granted their request for a shortened timeline in an appeal to their challenge of Ohio’s process for purging voters. Under the expedited schedule, the ACLU and Demos, their partner in the litigation, will file briefs with the court on July 13, followed by oral arguments on July 27. In Read more…

    Voting Rights
  • 07.06.16

    ACLU Warns Youngstown that Anti-Loitering Ordinance Will Not Hold Up in Court

    YOUNGSTOWN—The ACLU of Ohio sent a letter to Youngstown City Council today advising them against the adoption of a new anti-loitering city ordinance. The proposed ordinance would criminalize a broad range of behaviors including sitting on benches and spending idle time in the city. The ACLU letter criticizes the ordinance for giving wide discretion to Read more…

    Criminal Justice, Free Speech
  • 06.29.16

    ACLU Calls Revised RNC Rules a Victory for Free Speech

    CLEVELAND—Today the city of Cleveland Board of Control approved revised regulations for the Republican National Convention that resulted from negotiations between the ACLU of Ohio and Cleveland officials. A federal judge ruled that the original restrictions placed an unconstitutional burden on speech and assembly and ordered the city to revise them through mediation with the Read more…

    Free Speech
  • 06.16.16

    ACLU Asks for Speedy Resolution in RNC Lawsuit

    CLEVELAND—The ACLU of Ohio filed a motion today in their lawsuit over regulations for the Republican National Convention offering to reduce the timeline in order to reach resolution for their clients who wish to plan events during the convention. The motion also informs the court that the city has ignored its stated policy for issuing Read more…

    Free Speech
  • 06.15.16

    Proposed Buffer Zone Ordinance Restricts Free Speech, Says ACLU

    COLUMBUS—The ACLU of Ohio sent a letter today to Columbus City Attorney Richard Pfeiffer expressing concern over a proposed city ordinance to create buffer zones around facilities that provide reproductive health services. These would prohibit demonstrators from coming within a certain distance of clinics and other health care facilities, which the ACLU contends places undue Read more…

    Free Speech
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