The FBI could soon be getting access to Ohio’s law enforcement records, including the state’s facial recognition database.

A recent report by the Government Accounting Office raised serious concerns about how the FBI manages its use of technology. They pointed to failures to determine error rates and test data accuracy, non-existent privacy policies, and an overall lack of transparency and notice to the public about how their data was being used.

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Imagine being accused of a crime, having the judge set a bail amount that you and your family could not afford, and then languishing in a jail cell for days, weeks or even months on end awaiting trial. While you sit in jail, you lose your job, your housing, and your family struggles to make ends meet. You have not been convicted of a crime, and are presumed innocent under the law. This is a daily reality for far too many Ohioans.

Ohio legislators introduced House Bill 439 to address the broken bail system in Ohio – but it doesn’t go far enough. HB 439 would require courts to use a risk assessment tool in misdemeanor cases to determine whether a person should be held in jail, but it does not do away with the corrupt use of money bail overall. The simple fact that legislators are addressing this issue is a step forward, but more must be done.

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