Back to the Source: The ACLU Presents Constitution Day


The Constitution

Whether working in the courts, the legislature, or in the community, the task of protecting civil liberties takes on many different forms. While the ACLU uses diverse strategies to secure people’s freedoms, many of these fundamental rights are based in a common source: the Constitution of the United States.

In 2004, Congress passed a law requiring all schools receiving public funds teach about the Constitution on September 17th. In celebration of this important document, the ACLU is petitioning the White House to recognize Constitution Day as a federal holiday. Show your support and add your name to the petition!

Since so much of the work done by the ACLU draws on the privileges found in this document, the ACLU is committed to helping educators and students connect to the Constitution.

Explore free speech in the digital age with ACLU Chief Lobbyist Gary Daniels when he speaks at the 6th Annual Central State Constitution Day in Wilberforce,Ohio.

Students and teachers can learn about the Constitution and test their knowledge at the ACLU Constitution Day webpage.

Read more about Constitution Day and ways to connect with the ACLU.

Find resources for educators to teach students about their rights year round.

Know your history and know your rights. Celebrate Constitution Day with the ACLU!


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