Books and Ballots: Voting Rights For Students



As the summer draws to a close, thousands of students have packed their bags to return to college campuses across the state. Among questions about professors to take, how late you can wait to drop a class, and if you can really afford that textbook, is one they may not have not considered: How are you going to cast your ballot in November?

Many students voting, some for the first time, are confused about things like registration, residency, and identification. If you are a student and you want your voice heard, there are some important questions to consider.

Am I registered?

In Ohio, your voter registration must be received or postmarked 30 days before the election. That means you have until October 6 to make it happen! Forms and instructions for how to register can be found on the Secretary of State website.

Go to the ACLU of Ohio Vote Center

Where Do I Want To Vote?

Every year there are important decisions made on the local level, including school levies, city council races, and tax levies. If you are an Ohio resident living away from home, you can update your registration to reflect your address at school or maintain your registration at home. Read more about residency rules.

How do I want to vote?

In Ohio you have many options to cast your ballot. You can vote in person on election day, early in-person, or vote by mail with an absentee ballot. The ACLU is fighting to keep early in-person voting available to all people, so check the voting schedule to see when the polls are open.

What do I need to cast my ballot?

If you plan to vote by mail, you will need to complete an absentee ballot application and then complete and mail your ballot. If you want to vote in-person, early, or on election day, there are several forms of ID you can use at the polls.

Your vote matters, so make it heard. See the ACLU Student Voter Card and the Voter Empowerment Card for a complete description of your voting rights!

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