“Prison for Profit” ACLU of Ohio Documentary Wins 2nd Award


Prisons for Profit

The ACLU of Ohio’s groundbreaking film “Prisons for Profit” has been recognized as one of the top documentaries in 2015 by an international audience.

Most recently, the film has been selected as the Silver Award Winner in the 2015 Spotlight Documentary Film Awards. This is the film’s second award, after receiving the Bronze Prize by the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.

Ground Zero for Prison Privatization

Ohio is home to the first state prison sold to a for-profit company within the United States. “Prisons for Profit” explores what happens when a correctional facility becomes a for-profit business and how healthcare, sanitation, rehabilitation, safety and even crime are impacted by a profit-driven model of operation.

For more information, read the ACLU’s report on Prison Privatization.

International Screenings

“Prisons for Profit” has been shown nationally at the 39th Cleveland International Film Festival, the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival, and the Long Island International Film Expo, as well as a screening in Washington, D.C.

Host Your Own Screening!

See what the international film community finds so compelling about “Prisons for Profit.” Watch the documentary and examine the harrowing conditions inside a prison motivated by profits, not rehabilitation.

Watch “Prisons for Profit”.

Be a part of this international momentum by hosting a screening of this short film in your community! You can request an ACLU speaker to come discuss the film and current work on criminal justice reform in Ohio. Visit our website for resources to enrich your discussion and opportunities to take action.

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