Voting Rights Legislation

HB 224 – Absentee Voting Bill (2011-2012)

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HB 224 makes a number of changes to expedite absentee voting for people in the armed services and others who are abroad. It also amends provisions passed in HB 194.

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State Government and Elections (H)
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Our take on this bill:

HB 224 is problematic due to its provisions amending HB 194. HB 194 was not in force due to a pending referendum set for the November 2012 election, still amendments were made to HB 194 in HB 224. Some of these amendments did not take force because of the referendum, while others were permitted. In particular, a provision ending in person early voting the Friday before Election Day remains in force. These continual changes to Ohio’s election laws have made elections in Ohio unnecessarily confusing and represent another barrier to people successfully casting their ballots.