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HB 135 – Down Syndrome Abortion Ban (2015-2016)

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Read our June 2, 2015 testimony in opposition to HB 135 before the Ohio House Community and Family Advancement Committee.

HB 135 would prohibit an abortion if a doctor has knowledge that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion solely because of a test result indicating Down Syndrome. The viability of the pregnancy is not a consideration. The doctor must submit a report to the Department of Health stating they do not have knowledge that the woman is seeking an abortion for this reason. If a doctor violates the terms of HB 135, they would face criminal charges and loss of their medical license.

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Our take on this bill:

The ACLU of Ohio opposes HB 135 because a woman should make decisions about abortion, adoption and pregnancy with those she trusts—not with politicians. This ban would violate that trust by turning a doctor into an interrogator of any woman seeking an abortion, or even just seeking to discuss her options.

The ACLU of Ohio advocates for many policies shown to be effective in decreasing the discrimination against people with disabilities. HB 135 causes further division in our state and we encourage the legislature to focus on legislation that improves the lives of all Ohioans.

Bill Status:

Introduced in the House on 3/25/15

Referred to the House Community and Family Advancement Committee on 4/14/15

Received Committee hearings on 5/5/15, 5/19/15, 6/2/15, 6/16/15

Passed out of the House Community & Family Advancement Committee on 6/16/15