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Ohio Politicians Should Reaffirm Values and Accept Refugees

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COLUMBUS—ACLU of Ohio executive director Christine Link issued the following statement in response to attempts by Ohio politicians to block the settlement of Syrian refugees:

“Together we extend our deepest sympathy to those who are living in the wake of violence this past week. As we express our condolences, we also recognize this as a critical moment to reaffirm our values.

Here in Ohio, politicians are fabricating a link between the tragedy in Paris and resettlement of refugees in the United States. Pushing fear and false information is the wrong response to these acts. Blaming those fleeing violence does nothing to keep us safe, and erodes our own freedoms.

In difficult times it is most important for us to remember the freedoms we seek to protect. The last decade has shown us that using fear to make public policy creates grave challenges to our own freedoms.

We must not sacrifice our values for the fleeting comfort of reactionary solutions. Racial profiling, religious discrimination, and exclusion based on national origin run counter to our principles and our laws. We call on Gov. Kasich and Ohio political leaders to make the difficult choice to do what is right, not what is easy.”