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development operations strategist



KD Donaldson has spent the last 6 years working in higher education, most recently working with the development team managing the donor database and working closely with the Scholarship Committee to grant scholarships to deserving students. While working at the college, they completed their A.A. at Cincinnati State and their B.A. at Northern Kentucky University with a minor in Women and Gender studies and focus areas in Psychology and Organizational Leadership. KD is also an adjunct instructor at Cincinnati State, where they teach First Year Experience to incoming first-year college students.

KD became fascinated with the ACLU in 2018 when their then-13-year-old son decided to organize a walkout at his high school to protest gun violence. KD and their son participated in conference calls with ACLU employees and other students from around the country that were focused on educating teenagers about their rights to free speech – both in and out of school. They found it incredibly meaningful that a group of professionals devoted so much time and energy to educating young people who were desperate to have their voices heard.

When not working or creating lesson plans for classes, they love to read (both for knowledge and pleasure), hang out with their family and cats, play board games with friends, and travel