Melekte Melaku - Headshot


organizing strategist – Cleveland (Northern Ohio)



We do not live in isolation. The health of one community interacts with the pulse of another, an interdependent web of relationships fostered between the people and the public sphere. When structures exist, perpetuating and enforcing exclusion of marginalized identities, we are obligated to subvert them. ACLU’s historic legacy blossomed from the community to the nation, catering to the democratic health at the pulse of America’s future.

She believes any pursuit of justice begins by cultivating deep connections to the people directly impacted, coupled to advocacy and potential for policy change. After graduating from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Melekte devoted a year serving with the educational non-profit CityYear. There she provided individual and group coursework interventions, socio-emotional coaching, and coordinated programming for a multidisciplinary arts after-school curriculum. She developed a school-wide attendance awareness initiative with school administration contributing to the rise of average daily attendance by over 10% by end of year. She also has extensive experience canvassing and organizing on behalf of issues related to environmental justice, mass incarceration, voter rights, and access to quality education.