Ohio's Post-Roe Abortion Plan

On October 7, 2022, the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas granted our request for a preliminary injunction against Senate Bill 23 (S.B. 23), a law banning abortion starting at approximately six weeks of pregnancy. Abortions up to 22 weeks LMP are now – again – legal in Ohio. Read more about the decision.

Read our collaborative Ohio Activist Toolkit: Abortion Polling and Messaging in the Post-Roe World. (or click the image below)

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The Way Forward:

Abortion Access in Ohio:

Abortions up to 22 weeks LMP are legal in Ohio. (10/18/2022)

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After SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade in June, Judge Barrett of the Southern District U.S. Federal Court granted Gov. DeWine's request to allow a previously blocked abortion ban, S.B. 23, to take effect. The ACLU of Ohio and partners challenged this law, and on October 7, 2022, the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas granted a preliminary injuction, indefinitely restoring abortion access in Ohio.

Become an Abortion Care Champion

Join a network of Ohioans committed to ensuring that people across the state have reproductive freedom.

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People are powerful when we work together. The fight for abortion access is a long and difficult path forward. We won’t stop until everyone’s right to decide if and when they want to have a child is protected. Find out ways to get involved in your community and throughout the state.

Stop Abortion Bans in Ohio

There are several anti-abortion bills being considered in the Ohio Legislature. Passage of any would be disastrous. Take action to stop them before they become law.

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It's more important than ever for lawmakers to listen to the pro-choice majority in Ohio. Make your voice heard by telling lawmakers to vote NO on HB 598 and SB 123, Ohio’s "Trigger" Abortion Bans.

Stop HB 598

Stop SB 123

We must also voice our collective opposition to Ohio’s Extreme “Bounty Hunter” Abortion Ban that would outlaw ALL abortions.

The Current Legal Landscape in Ohio

ACLU of Ohio has been fighting in court to ensure safe access to abortion.

Gavel and Scales of Justice

As anti-choice lawmakers work to scale back our right to abortion, ACLU of Ohio’s legal team has been fighting at every opportunity. Here is the current state of our legal battles.

Call on Congress to Act

Defend abortion access for ALL and contact your U.S. Senator.

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The Women's Health Protection Act (WHPA) would provide a nationwide safeguard against abortion bans and medically unnecessary restrictions. It would protect abortion access for all people, no matter where they live – and in this critical moment, it’s up to the Senate to pass this bill immediately. Let’s make sure your senators hear from you: Send a message to your senators urging them to pass WHPA.

Upcoming Events

Find out about forums, rallies, and other events to join us in the fight for abortion rights and access.

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ACLU of Ohio and activists across the state will continue to fight for meaningful access to abortion care for anyone who needs it. Stay informed about opportunities to get involved.