What is a Campus Action Team?

Campus Action Teams (CATs) are an extension of the organization’s statewide Action Team, with a clear emphasis on students enrolled in a college or university in Ohio, including law schools and graduate programs. CATs exist to engage the student body in organizing, building power, and mobilizing for true social justice in and around their campus community. CATs are open to any student seeking to protect and expand civil rights and liberties through community organizing and development while utilizing the resources, expertise, and staff at the ACLU of Ohio.

Like many on-campus student groups, the ACLU Campus Action Teams meet regularly, hold social and programmatic events, and influence thought leaders on campus by raising awareness on issues that impact the student body and/or greater community at large.

Where are the ACLU of Ohio’s Campus Action Teams Located?

To start a campus action team at your Ohio College or University, contact the ACLU of Ohio Organizing Director Elizabeth Hopkins, ehopkins@acluohio.org.