The Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement is one of the most innovative plans ever devised to improve police-community relations. Created as a response to a community troubled by ongoing violence and lack of understanding between police and community members, the agreement engages both police and everyday citizens to invest in the neighborhood and make their environment a better place for both groups.

The agreement resulted from a settlement after the ACLU joined with the Cincinnati Black United Front to file suit in 2001 alleging racial profiling and discriminatory law enforcement. Enacted in April 2002 with a five-year time frame, the agreement outlined these objectives:

  • Establish police officers and community members as proactive partners in community problem-solving;
  • Build relationships of respect, cooperation and trust within and between police and communities;
  • Improve education, oversight, monitoring, hiring practices and accountability within the police department;
  • Ensure fair, equitable, and courteous treatment for all;
  • Create methods to enhance the public’s understanding of police policies and procedures and to recognize exceptional service in an effort to foster support for the police.

As a stakeholder in the Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement, the ACLU of Ohio plays a central role in implementing, promoting and defending the agreement.

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