It’s an annual tradition to make resolutions and set goals for improvement in the New Year. Losing weight, taking classes, and crossing items off your bucket list are some of the few perennial favorites that come to mind.

In a way, it’s no different for the ACLU of Ohio, except our goals are to protect and define civil liberties in our state.

Learn more about the ACLU of Ohio’s 2015 Work Plan

These objectives provide the framework for a robust strategy for the year ahead to respond to attacks on civil liberties, identify issues, create opportunities for change, and work to expand rights and liberties for all Ohioans. Our work plan builds on our efforts in 2014. We will focus our efforts on conducting public awareness campaigns, forming strategic partnerships, and coordinating our policy and legal efforts to ensure favorable legislative outcomes.

A Blueprint for Rights

For 2015, our top priorities for civil liberties in Ohio:

» Fight voter restrictions and ensure access to the polls for all Ohioans. We will continue to educate those with criminal convictions; defending and expanding voting rights for people with disabilities; and working to pass an accessible online voter registration system.

» Ensure that police practices treat everyone equally and fairly. Our police forces must end the use of excessive force and racial profiling.

» Combat mass incarceration and challenge inhumane treatment of Ohio’s prison population. We will advocate against solitary confinement and work to end prison profiteering.

» End the indiscriminate shackling of juveniles in courtrooms. We will seek administrative rule changes through the court system to stop this unfair practice.

» Secure full legal rights for all Ohioans regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We will lobby and leverage public support to enact legislation to protect all Ohioans from unfair discrimination at work and at home.

» Safeguard the freedom of speech to ensure that our rights are not chilled and individuals can feel empowered to exercise their rights. We stand ready to combat SLAPP (strategic lawsuits against public participation) suits aimed to suppress individuals from speaking out on issues of public concern.

Achieving Success for Ohioans

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In defending civil liberties, we have many challenges ahead of us.

Our goals require a strong ACLU that has the resources to defend freedom on all fronts. With your help, we can fulfill our aspirations for 2015 and much more.