Today, the U.S. Supreme Court completely abdicated its judicial responsibility to ensure that the fundamentals of our democratic system — like fair elections — are strong and sound. It's a sad day.

The Court's broad 5-4 decision — instructing all federal courts to henceforth stay out of cases involving the most extreme partisan gerrymandering — is a gut-punch to all who insist that voters must choose their politicians, not the other way around.

We've essentially been told to fix a crashing airplane with a hammer. So, if you are angry about the Court's willful neglect, even fearful for our democracy's future because of it, you are not alone.

But we must not give up! We have faced stinging losses before, yet we are strong and resilient. As ACLU supporters, we must always take the long view. We will keep fighting until every person's voice and vote matters. We demand it!

At the ACLU of Ohio, we push back every day against the carefully devised political schemes that rely solely on entrenchment and exclusion, rather than expansion and inclusion, to stay in power. One day, true democratic liberty will prevail and, as an ACLU supporter, you will be essential to that victory.

So let's take to the streets, raise our voices, and demand transparency and accountability. Let's light up our legislators' phones, and flood their inboxes and mailboxes with letters of dissent. Let's petition, mobilize, energize and vote! Let's take democracy into our own hands, because that's the only way change ever happens.

Today, it's okay to be sad. But, tomorrow, you and I will re-up for the fight. We always do. Nothing less than our democracy's future — and people's lives — depend on it.

In solidarity,

J. Bennett Guess

Executive Director, ACLU of Ohio