If you have not received your mail-in ballot, call your local Board of Elections immediately!

  • Ask if they received your absentee ballot request form and when they mailed your ballot.
  • For the November 2013 general election, absentee ballots must be either postmarked by November 4th or dropped off at the Board of Elections by the 7:30pm close of polls on November 5th.
  • If there is less than a week before the close of polls, the ACLU of Ohio does not recommend waiting for your mail-in ballot. If it does not arrive, or arrives too late, you will risk not being able to cast your ballot.
  • Whether the Board of Elections has sent your mail-in ballot, you are entitled to cast a ballot either early in-person or at your polling location on Election Day.*
  • If you receive a mail-in ballot after casting an in-person vote, destroy the mail-in ballot.
  • Report any problems you encounter to contact@acluohio.org.

* If the Board of Elections already mailed your absentee ballot, then you will be asked to cast a provisional ballot. Your provisional ballot will be counted once the Board verifies that you did not send in an absentee ballot.