Passing Issue 24 is a step towards systemic equality that all Ohioans deserve.

Housing is a human right. 

The ACLU of Ohio is proud to endorse Issue 24, a measure on the ballot in Cincinnati that, if passed, would expand access and funding to Affordable Housing. We are thrilled to join community partners, like Ignite Peace, Cincinnati NAACP, CAIR Ohio, and more, to fight for fair housing in Cincinnati.  

We are committed to supporting policies, like Issue 24, that increase access to stable housing – especially for marginalized communities who have been historically excluded from accessing this civil and human right. For too long, Cincinnatians, specifically Black Cincinnatians, have been disproportionately impacted by unfair and unjust housing policies. Take, for example, the disproportionate representation of Black Cincinnatians when examining the number of households paying more than 50% of our income on housing. Justice is intersectional, and ensuring our friends and neighbors have access to fair and affordable housing is a building block to creating a city where all Cincinnatians can truly thrive. 

Passing Issue 24 is a step towards systemic equality that all Ohioans deserve.  

Why is Issue 24 crucial for Cincinnati?  

Cincinnati has experienced record-high rent increases in recent years. In fact, last year, rent rose more in Cincinnati than any other city in the United States. As a result, approximately one-third of Cincinnatians can’t afford current housing costs. The impacts compound, as more money spent on housing means less available for other basic needs such as health care, food, and transportation.  

Fighting for affordable housing in Cincinnati is fighting for racial justice. Of those paying more than 50% of their income on housing, Black Cincinnatians are disproportionally represented. According to data shared by Cincy Housing for All, more than 57% of Black families are forced to survive on less than 30k annual income, and 75% on less than 48k annual income. With housing prices soaring, and Cincinnati rent increasing more than any other city in the United States, these numbers are not sustainable. Passing Issue 24 is critical to ensuring that Cincinnatians most vulnerable to the housing crisis are cared for and given opportunities to fully thrive in our communities. 

From an education perspective, passing Issue 24 supports our students. Project Connect reports that more than 3,500 Cincinnati Public School students each year experience houselessness – three times the national average! As the ACLU of Ohio works within the Kids Deserve Safe Schools coalition to ensure all Cincinnati students thrive, passing Issue 24 is another step in the right direction. 

What does Issue 24 do?  

Issue 24 would add 0.3% earned income tax to next year's ballot in the City of Cincinnati. If passed, it would add approximately $40 to $50 million dollars a year to the affordable housing fund. This fund will enable the yearly production of hundreds of affordable homes. At least 65% of this money must be spent on those earning 30% or less of the median income of the city. An additional 30% can be spent on those earning up to 50% of the median income. This additional tax equals about $11 per month for the average Cincinnati household. 

How can I get involved? 

Together, we win. Join the ACLU of Ohio Action Team to learn more about how to get involved in the fight for affordable housing. You can also visit the campaign website to learn more