Want to work for a local campaign? Need some tips on how to make your voice heard during election season? We’ve got 10 steps you can take to actively participate in politics at the local, state, or federal level. Additionally, don't forget to vote in every possible election! The May 8 primaries have early voting starting now - mail in an absentee ballot, or vote in-person at your county Board of Elections! Visit our vote center for all our tips on how to access the ballot.

Speak out at public meetings - express thoughts on the issues you care most deeply about and demand a captive audience with your elected officials and local press.

Meet with elected officials or their staff in person - make your case directly. Be persistent with getting their answer of support or otherwise.

Attend a town hall - voice your concern about an issue, question the candidate's commitment to your cause, and advocate for your desired outcome.

Write a letter to your elected official - communicate your message in a well-crafted letter or email!

Collect petition signatures - craft a petition to convey support for an issue, candidate, or campaign, and have meaningful conversations with your neighbors, faith community, friends, and family. Set a goal for how many signatures you want!

Letter/Petition drop-off - find a public, creative, media-worthy way to deliver your petitions to your elected official.

Organizing protests and rallies - apply pressure to elected officials by staging a public protest with community members and press. *Make sure you know your rights as a protester first!*

Writing Letters to the Editor - this can be one of many ways to bring needed attention to your campaign. Think about what local/state paper would be most effective.

Getting elected officials or community leaders on the "record" - work to get elected officials to publicly state their support/opposition to a cause; this will build public pressure and accountability.

Engage with and educate your community - hold events, give short pitches to community groups, and get involved!