The June 15th, 2013 edition of Columbus Dispatch featured an opinion piece from the ACLU of Ohio, calling out the Ohio Senate for using a series of budget amendments to push their own partisan agendas.

Here’s an excerpt from the op-ed:

“Once again, our legislature has made an absolute mess of the budget process, and for what? So it can play games with our money, with our vote and with our health-care decisions.

It shouldn’t be surprising. So long as there are politicians and budgets and special-interest groups, there will be people willing to play dirty; and with a budget process that serves as a hiding place for their shenanigans, they often get their way. That is a political reality.

So, while the issue of abortion divides people of good conscience, let’s call these amendments what they are: a collection of shameful bully tactics, backroom deals and political posturing that should infuriate anyone who still believes our elected officials ought to behave with integrity, even when they think no one is looking."

If you agree that legislators should stop playing political games at our expense, please support our work with a contribution to the ACLU of Ohio. These contributions are powerful aids in our legislative work, as we fight back against these types of shady tactics.