While the ACLU of Ohio will provide a speaker for your group regarding teen health and the law, we also created tools below so you can present the material yourself.

Teen Health and the Law PowerPoint Presentation
This presentation contains 49 slides. With questions and discussion, the program will run about 90 minutes. For a shorter program, select fewer slides to give a flavor for what is in the booklet, or to highlight areas of particular importance to your group (i.e. confidentiality, pregnancy, mental health).
Note: The slide show does not cover every issue discussed in the teen health guide. You should encourage your audience to thoroughly read the guide.

This outline can be used to present an overview of the teen health guide. It does not cover every issue. It incorporates using the scenarios provided below. Depending on questions and discussion of the scenarios, you can expect a program of 60 - 90 minutes.

Scenarios – Questions with Answers
The scenarios are the boxed vignettes used throughout the booklet. This document includes all of the vignettes as they appear in the guide. Some (not all) of them are incorporated within both the slide show and the presentation outline. You can print these out to use as a reference for group discussion.

Scenarios – Questions Only
This document includes all of the vignettes just as they appear in the guide, but without the answers. You can use the scenarios for group discussions. For example, divide your audience into small groups, give each group a couple of scenarios to discuss, and then have them report to the entire group.