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Peter B. Lewis, Chairman of the Board of Directors, former CEO and leader of Progressive Insurance Company, philanthropist and civil libertarian passed away November 23, 2013.

Mr. Lewis firmly believed in and supported the rights of all individuals to be free from undue government scrutiny, spying or interference with their personal or intellectual lives. He supported his beliefs with frequent and transformative financial support of the ACLU and the many issues he cared about.  His gifts over the years total in the millions and enabled both national ACLU and its Ohio affiliate to successfully address important litigation and advocacy. Peter B. Lewis was a frequent advisor to the senior staff of the ACLU and considered a close friend of the organization.  In 2006 he was recognized with an award from national ACLU and the building which houses the DC office of ACLU carries his name.

Mr. Lewis was especially concerned about expressions of personal freedom including the rights of gay and lesbian people, the protection of reproductive rights and the decriminalization of drugs in America.

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In addition to his interest in civil liberties matters, Mr. Lewis was a patron of the arts; he supported the Guggenheim, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and he made Progressive Insurance one of a handful of American corporations with a curated collection.  He also supported Case Western Reserve University and his own alma mater, Princeton.

A creative and free thinker, Peter Lewis was open and vocal about his political and social policy positions.  He was unafraid to lend his name to causes perceived as unpopular or to those ahead of the mainstream.

Survivors include his wife Janet Rosel, former spouse and close friend Toby Devan Lewis and their children Ivy Lewis, Adam Joseph Lewis, Jonathan Lewis and grandchildren.

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