September 29, 2014

UPDATE: Ohio Voters Gain Greater Access to Ballot in ACLU Settlement

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court today stayed lower court rulings that restored early voting opportunities in Ohio prior to full trial and in time for the midterm election. The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging a state law and directives that have dramatically slashed early voting opportunities. A federal judge and Sixth Circuit appeals panel have already ruled for the ACLU's position, prompting the state's appeal to the Supreme Court.

"While not a final decision on the merits of the case, this is a real loss for Ohio voters, especially those who must use evenings, weekends and same-day voter registration to cast their ballot," said ACLU of Ohio Legal Director Freda Levenson. "Early voting works-cutting popular days and hours is unnecessary and only hurts voters. To make it even worse, this last-minute decision will cause tremendous confusion among Ohioans about when and how they can vote."

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