COLUMBUS- On January 30, the ACLU of Ohio will testify before the House Criminal Justice Committee to oppose SB 1, legislation that significantly increases penalties for fentanyl and related substances, and will increase the population of Ohio’s already severely overcrowded prisons. Like all Ohioans, the ACLU of Ohio is greatly concerned about the serious problem of overdoses, but this bill does nothing to proactively address addiction as a public health issue, or heal communities in need. The following statement is attributable to Gary Daniels, chief lobbyist for the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio:

"Ohioans should be under no illusion that Senate Bill 1 will meaningfully affect the overall problem of fentanyl use, abuse, possession, or trafficking in their communities, due to the bill’s exclusive focus on severe punishment and prison time.  This legislation only continues the decades-long and thoroughly discredited ‘War on Drugs’ approach, applying it once again to even more substances. We urge this committee to develop a new framework and strategy to meaningfully address these serious problems affecting Ohioans everywhere.”



Read the written testimony of Senate Bill 1.