COLUMBUS- This morning at 9:30am the ACLU of Ohio will testify before the Senate Health, Human Services & Medicaid Committee to oppose Senate Bill 27, legislation that requires abortion care providers to cremate or bury fetal remains to “honor the unborn.” This bill serves no legitimate medical purpose and is an obvious attempt to make accessing care harder for women and families.

The following statement is attributable to Gary Daniels, Chief Lobbyist for the ACLU of Ohio:

“This legislation exclusively targets abortion providers and their practices, while ignoring all similar, if not identical, practices around Ohio in state prisons and state medical facilities. Drawing such distinctions makes no logical sense, and Ohioans can see through the legislature’s thinly-veiled attempt to further criminalize abortion. SB 27 is so misguided and ignorant of the reproductive system and process it even applies to zygotes and blastocysts, making it perhaps the most radical fetal tissue disposal bill in the nation. The Ohio General Assembly is churning out abortion ban after abortion ban, one more audacious than the next. We urge Chairman Burke and all members of the committee to reject this bill and stop this unending line of legislative harassment.”

The bill is up for a possible committee vote this morning.


The full testimony for SB 27 is available.