CLEVELAND – An exhibit honoring seven decades of design in Cleveland – through the work of one of the profession’s legends, Mort Epstein – opens Saturday, May 19th at the Max Wohl Civil Liberties Center, 4506 Chester Avenue. A reception from 5-9 pm will include a book signing and a celebration of Epstein’s 90th birthday.  Works of art by members of the Epstein family will be available for sale, with proceeds to benefit the ACLU of Ohio Foundation.

Reservations for the reception are required; please call 216/472-2220 or click here to RSVP.

The exhibit and book, both titled Mort Epstein: Sixty Nine Years of Design at Ninety – trace the evolution of Epstein’s visual style from the 1940s through the 1980s in hundreds of logos, annual reports, book designs, furniture, wood turnings, and murals for corporate, industrial and not-for-profit organizations.

Mort Epstein will sign copies of the book during the reception, which can be purchased for $40.

From the streamlined designs of the 1940s through the bright colors and bold geometrics of the 1980s, Epstein’s works are an endlessly creative catalogue of the graphic styles of our times.

The exhibit and the full-color book draw from Epstein’s extraordinary library of images from these 69 years of design ranging from graphic, industrial and architectural design to his own fine art, which he continues to pursue today.  Epstein Design – the firm Epstein founded in 1962 and which is celebrating its 45th year as the oldest design firm in Cleveland – designed and produced the book.

In the vein of Viktor Schreckengost, Mort Epstein is a remarkable figure both in the design community and in the history of the city of Cleveland. Raised in New York City, Epstein moved to Cleveland after World War II.

His rich array of projects, clients and involvement in teaching, business and social issues through the decades is an extraordinary first-person vision of Cleveland’s industrial evolution and its civil rights’ struggles in the 1960s and 1970s.

The exhibit and sale will continue May 20-25, from noon – 4 pm.

The exhibition features the work of seven members of the Epstein family: Mort Epstein: (photo mosaics, constructions, wood objects); Marion Epstein (wife, deceased: prints and collages); Jesse Epstein (son: video production); Gene Epstein (daughter: drawings and sculptures); Brenna Epstein (granddaughter: a video production); Robin Richmond (granddaughter: wall hanging); Isaac Epstein (grandson: China photographs).