COLUMBUS, OH — Since its creation in 2012, the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) has been heralded by Secretaries of State from both parties as an indispensable tool for maintaining accurate voter registration lists. The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition shares this view. ERIC offers Ohio access to a one-of-a-kind interstate compact that cross checks member states’ voter registration lists, BMV records, and federal databases to identify voters who have moved across state lines, passed away, or otherwise would be flagged for removal from a state’s voter rolls. ERIC is one of the most significant election administration innovations in modern history. Until recently, the technological assistance ERIC provides states when performing their own list maintenance has earned widespread, bipartisan praise from election administrators across the country.

The following statement is attributed to leaders in the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition:

The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition is disheartened that a small number of states have voluntarily withdrawn from ERIC. Now that Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is threatening to withdraw, we can no longer be silent. It cannot be overstated how valuable this information sharing arrangement is for states to have clean voter registration lists. Ohio’s partnership with ERIC is the epitome of effective collaboration and smart election administration. 

We urge Secretary of State LaRose to continue to work with other ERIC member states and the organization’s leadership to find common ground that facilitates expanded participation in this essential function of interstate voter list maintenance. It would be a grave mistake for Ohio to senselessly cut ties with ERIC, a truly invaluable partner in securing Ohio elections.    

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