COLUMBUS, OHIO — Today the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition (OVRC) sent a letter to Secretary of State Frank LaRose and members of the Ohio General Assembly addressing the immediate funding needs for the upcoming August Special Election. The group emphasized that despite the coalition’s extreme disappointment in both the movement of Senate Joint Resolution 2 (SJR 2) and the reinstatement of an August Special Election, OVRC understands the immense effort and resources required to complete the election process.

“The addition of an August special election in an odd year without fully funding that election is an unreasonable expectation,” they wrote. “...The magnitude of potential change to Ohio’s democracy requires every possible effort on behalf of this state to notify Ohioans that there will be an election in August and facilitate that vote in the easiest way possible.”

In the letter, the coalition called for certain measures for the General Assembly to take, including the funding of:

  • The administrative and staffing needs of all 88 County Boards of Elections.
  • The cost of mailing every registered voter a vote-by-mail application (Form 11-A prescribed by the Ohio Secretary of State).
  • The cost of return postage for every absentee ballot returned by mail.
  • The cost of a statewide nonpartisan public information campaign notifying voters of an August 8 election.

The group also pointed out that lawmakers, including ardent supporters of SJR 2, have consistently underscored the significance of allowing Ohioans to vote on the issue. OVRC firmly believes that the most effective way to demonstrate that trust in voters is by maintaining an election that is accessible to all.

The letter can be read here.


The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition is a non-partisan network of local, state, and national voter advocates dedicated to ensuring that all elections are modern, secure, and accessible to all Ohioans. The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition Steering Committee includes Ohio Voice, League of Women Voters of Ohio, Common Cause Ohio, All Voting is Local Ohio, and the ACLU of Ohio. For more information, visit