Greer Aeschbury - Headshot


organizing strategist – Cincinnati (Southwest Ohio)



Greer first realized she wanted to organize when she was working with immigrant domestic violence survivors on the U.S.-Mexico border. After her clients were ignored and dismissed by unjust criminal justice systems, she realized she didn’t just want to help people navigate the system- she wanted to change it. She spent four years organizing faith communities in Broward County, FL to build power and challenge police arrests of kids, treatment of the mentally ill and of frail seniors in nursing homes. She returned home to Ohio in 2017 and in Cincinnati she built the Beekman Corridor Coalition, a group of five neighborhoods who advocate for equitable treatment and resources for their long-neglected communities.

Greer graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2011 and is currently pursuing a Social Justice focused Masters of Public Administration at the University of Cincinnati. Outside of work, Greer is usually either reading, listening to a podcast, or cuddling up with her three legged cat Preston.