The ACLU of Ohio board of directors and staff mourn the loss of Dewey Ganzel, who died January 31, 2011 in Oberlin.
Dewey was a loyal ACLU member for decades, and served on an early ACLU committee based in Oberlin that advocated for separation of church and state in the local schools.
Dewey was a professor of English at Oberlin College from 1958 until 1997 when he retired. He had a great love of literature, once noting, “Like many teachers of literature, I get drunk – easily – on words.”
He also served on Oberlin City Council for eight years, and was chair in 1976.
Dewey often attended ACLU gatherings as his wife Carol’s sidekick, who served on the local and state boards of directors from the 1970’s until 2002.
Dewey is remembered fondly by ACLU colleagues for his erudition and wit.
In addition to sharing a commitment to civil liberties, Dewey and Carol loved roller coasters, travelling the country to ride the best of them.
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