HB 524 and its companion bill, SB 337, are efforts to continue the work of HB 86 in criminal justice reform. The scope of the reforms is broad and address a range of issues of importance to both the adult ex-offenders and those involved in the juvenile system including:

  • Broadening the ability of ex-offenders to obtain various licenses for employment
  • Reducing driver’s license suspensions in sentencing
  • Reassessing financial barriers to re-entry, like license reinstatements, to permit installment payments
  • Expanding protections to ensure youth are separated from adults when they are in custody
  • Increasing the minimum age that a person may be held in adult prisons and similar adult facilities from 18 to 21

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Our Take on This Bill

The ACLU of Ohio supports the efforts to improve our state’s criminal and juvenile justice system in HB 524 and its companion bill, SB 337. While there are remaining concerns over the impact of expanding the reach of background checks to include juveniles for some offenses, the bill has a broad range of policies that will enhance the safety of youth involved with the juvenile justice system and the effective re-entry into society of thousands of Ohioans.

Bill Status

No future action is expected on this bill due to the passage of its companion bill, SB 337.


Criminal Justice (H)


Rep. Antonio (D), Rep. Brenner (R), Rep. Driehaus (D), Rep. Fedor (D), Rep. Garland (D), Rep. Letson (D), Rep. Phillips (D), Rep. Sears (R), Rep. Williams (D), Rep. Winburn (D), Rep. Yuko (D)


Rep. Heard (D), Rep. McGregor (R)



Bill number

HB 524