This bill allows the Ohio attorney general to pursue a memorandum of agreement with the federal government to have police enforce civil immigration law. This agreement would be on behalf of the entire state, though participation by local communities is optional.

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Our Take on This Bill

SB 98 is an unnecessary extension of law that seeks to expand the problematic enforcement of federal civil immigration law by state and local police. Local police and sheriffs’ departments are already able to pursue formal agreements with the federal government to enforce civil immigration law under existing law, but only Butler County has opted in to these agreements. However, adding immigration enforcement to the duties of police departments has been plagued with problems across the country, and the vast majority of communities in Ohio have chosen not to participate in the available programs.


State and Local Government and Veterans Affairs (S)


Sen. Jordan (R), Sen. LaRose (R), Sen. Schaffer (R), Sen. Seitz (R)


Sen. Stewart (R)



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SB 98