Most lawmakers are smart, passionate people who must focus on a multitude of issues on our behalf. But what happens when that passion becomes an obsession with one issue?

The current avalanche of abortion-related legislation is a perfect example of what happens when our leaders become fixated on one controversial topic.

In this climate, some legislators have gone as far as sneaking their agendas into pieces of unrelated legislation. Others have introduced bills so extreme that they actually require doctors to lie by informing patients that they will be at an increased risk for breast cancer if they choose to have an abortion.

It’s simply gone too far. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, there is no credible evidence of a link between abortion and breast cancer. National and international breast cancer experts routinely conduct and review research on induced abortion and increased breast cancer risk and continue to agree that evidence does not support a link between the two.

Forcing doctors to say otherwise is nothing short of forcing them to tell lies in order to bring the world more in line with your own personal views.

These are just a few of the many ways that elected officials use their position to assert an agenda that is neither honest nor fair. When we consult with our physicians on matters related to our health and families, we should be able to trust that the information they provide us is based on scientific medical evidence – not on the beliefs of a politician with no medical background. Likewise, doctors should not be forced to provide unsound medical advice out of fear that they may lose their licenses or that criminal charges will be brought against them if they fail to do so.

So what do we do when our legislators’ strong beliefs about other peoples’ private lives begin to influence the laws that govern us all?

No matter how you feel about politics, or even abortion, it’s time to consider not only whether your elected officials’ priorities truly match your own, but whether it is truly wise to support candidates who are willing to use lies, trickery, and deceit to get what they want.

Our legislators are supposed to represent us – not the other way around. We should be encouraging them to stop focusing so much on their personal agendas and begin looking for issues where they can find some common ground.

But legislators only act on behalf of the constituents from which they hear. If their priorities do not represent yours, contact them and make your voice heard.

Hold your representatives accountable!