Are You Ready to Vote?

The Ohio Legislature has passed poll workers. Contact your local board of elections for details.

Know Your Rights

You have the right to express yourself! Protect yourself from illegal searches and unjust punishments by knowing your rights at school and with the police.

  • Cell phone searches: The ACLU of Ohio has heard reports of school officials seizing and searching students’ cell phones. Read an ACLU letter to the Ohio School Board Association urging schools to cease searching students’ phones.
  • Criminalization of online speech: Many school districts are actively monitoring social networking sites for student activity. The ACLU of Ohio has sent letters to Ohio superintendents offering clarity on the constitutionality of discipline for students' online speech.
  • Sexting: Teens around the state have been threatened with prosecution for "sexting," the act of sending explicit photos via cell phone. prom season, at the doctor’s office, or with here.

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