The great purple state of Ohio has long been a political battleground with issues like voting rights, LGBT rights, mass incarceration, and police practices dominating the public discourse.

Republican and Democratic presidential candidates have been visiting the Buckeye State recently, providing their two cents on these issues in hopes for our vote. Local and national media have been reporting on things like gerrymandering, police deadly use of force, marriage equality, and prison privatization in Ohio. There is so much activity, it can often be difficult to keep up and get the facts on the civil liberties and social justice issues that affect Ohioans.

One way to get the facts and stay current on the matters affecting our state is to request an ACLU speaker.

A Non-Partisan Perspective 

The ACLU of Ohio does not endorse political candidates. Instead, we carefully review proposed ballot initiatives and administrative rules that have a potential impact on civil liberties. Because it’s our job to defend the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we’re committed to raising public awareness and encouraging citizens to educate themselves on the issues that affect them the most.

For us, it’s not about the hype of political conventions or political candidates pointing their fingers at each other. It’s about what’s right and making sure that Ohioans stay informed.

Get Educated 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and even confused, by all of the political activity and tumultuous events that are happening in our communities. How is one supposed to make sense of it all and do something about it?

Requesting an ACLU speaker is one of the many ways to learn about the issues and how you can get involved. Our speakers are experts on civil liberties, who can provide a non-partisan perspective on the issues that affect Ohio:

  • How are we holding officials accountable for all of the deaths at the hands of police? An ACLU expert can explain what it means to be involved in an agreement with the federal government to hold our police forces accountable and reform their current practices. Additionally, we will discuss the rights you have when interacting with police.
  • The Republican National Convention will be here next summer, and I plan to protest. What are my rights? An ACLU expert will tell you what you can and cannot do when protesting, and what city officials can and cannot do during a protest.
  • What’s all this business about voting? Shouldn’t it be easy for everyone to vote? An ACLU representative will discuss voting rights in Ohio, and what we are doing to protect them for people with disabilities and people with criminal convictions.
  • Ohio has privatized another prison. How does that affect me? An ACLU expert will explain how mass incarceration affects the many facets of our lives in one of the most incarcerated states in the nation. 

Learn More 

With an upcoming presidential election and a major political convention coming to our state, there’s no better time than the present to educate yourself and get involved.

Request an ACLU speaker to present to your group on a variety of civil liberties issues.

The ACLU of Ohio speaker’s bureau can present on various civil liberties and social justice topics to your group. Contact us to plan a presentation today.