LUCASVILLE, OH- Today, the ACLU of Ohio called for an immediate halt to all executions in light of Ohio’s second botched execution.

“What is clear from today’s botched execution is that the State doesn’t know how to execute people without torturing them to death,” said ACLU of Ohio staff attorney Carrie Davis.

“Clearly our execution procedures, even though revised after last year’s botched execution of Joseph Clark, still do not guarantee an execution is humane,” Davis continued.

“There continue to be serious problems with Ohio’s death penalty procedures that demand an immediate halt to executions so that a thorough study of the death penalty system may be conducted.”

Christopher Newton was scheduled to be executed today by the State of Ohio. The State began the procedure at 10:00 a.m. However, more than an hour and a half later, it was reported that the executioners were unable to locate a vein. Yet, the State continued to try.

On May 2, 2006, Ohio executed Joseph L. Clark after a lengthy delay resulting from a collapsed vein.

“Having one botched execution is too many; that Ohio has now had two botched executions in as many years is intolerable,” Davis concluded.