CLEVELAND, Ohio—The ACLU of Ohio has issued a statement on the U.S. Department of Justice’s conclusions on the investigation of the Cleveland Police Department’s use of excessive force.

"Today's announcement by the U.S. Department of Justice is not a surprise to many greater Clevelanders,” said Mike Brickner, senior policy director for the ACLU of Ohio. “Unfortunately, problems with police-community relations and the excessive use of force by law enforcement has been an enduring concern in our community. We must use this opportunity to reform a police system that has led to many people of color who feel unsafe and unfairly treated by those who are supposed to protect and serve them. Our police department should be one that is marked by maturity, restraint, and trust that comes from proper training and supervision that keeps everyone safe. The ACLU of Ohio will continue to monitor the negotiations between the Department of Justice and city of Cleveland. It is our hope that reforms adopted will be systemic and promote fairness and justice for all Clevelanders."