COLUMBUS— The ACLU of Ohio calls for State Senator Steve Huffman to step down from public office following inexcusable remarks against Black and Brown Ohioans. His explicitly racist comment, which invoked deeply troubling sentiments and imagery, is reprehensible, and any Ohio lawmaker who holds such abhorrent views must be held accountable.

The following statement is attributed to J. Bennett Guess, Executive Director for the ACLU of Ohio:

“Steve Huffman must immediately step down from public office, and if he refuses to do so he must be removed from the Ohio State Senate. As a practicing physician of nearly 20 years, he knew precisely what type of harm his ignorant, heinous, and callously hurtful comments would have on communities of color in Ohio. His racist views and sentiments, which no doubt impact and effect his legislative record and priorities, are antithetical to everything the ACLU of Ohio stands for, the work we do, the relationships we hold, and the mission we uphold. There is no reality where he can remain a member of the Ohio General Assembly and make decisions that affect the very communities he undermines and clearly holds such contemptible attitudes. This is what systemic institutionalized racism looks like, and this is how it manifests itself and oppresses the day-to-day lives of People of Color. When willful hatred appears so blatantly and painfully, there is no logical move except to name it and stop it. Until we address white supremacy and white privilege in our public institutions and hold our public officials accountable, we will not have peace.”