COLUMBUS, Ohio — The ACLU of Ohio calls on the Ohio General Assembly to end all further consideration of House Bill 327, a deeply problematic and unconstitutional bill that seeks to whitewash history and move the state in a dangerous and backward direction. This legislation has been the topic of much controversy since its introduction in May 2021, but currently finds itself under extreme scrutiny following remarks from House Representative Sarah Fowler Arthur, primary sponsor of the legislation. In a recent interview with Channel 5 News, the Representative displayed anti-Semitic and inaccurate viewpoints about the Holocaust, specifically in reference to how HB 327 would function in Ohio schools.

The following statement can be attributed to Gary Daniels, Chief Lobbyist for the ACLU of Ohio:

“We have all witnessed the ramifications of bills and laws like these across the country. Books removed from libraries, teachers frightened to even mention numerous topics for fear they will lose their jobs, and students deprived of an adequate and well-rounded education. Passage of HB 327 would bring all of this and more to Ohio.

For many months, the ACLU of Ohio and others have warned the language of HB 327 would require a 'both sides' approach in our schools, colleges, and universities to topics like the Jewish Holocaust and slavery. Supporters have claimed those concerns are overblown. But now we have one of the bill's sponsors confirming this both sides' approach is a goal of HB 327.

Furthermore, Representative Fowler Arthur’s recent statements are antithetical to everything the ACLU of Ohio stands for, the work we do, the relationships we hold, and the mission we uphold.

We call on the Ohio General Assembly to prevent HB 327 from moving forward.”