CLEVELAND—The ACLU of Ohio released a statement regarding delays in hearing cases against people who were arrested following a flag burning demonstration Wednesday afternoon during the Republican National Convention, as well as the arrest of a journalist during the event. The following can be attributed to ACLU of Ohio Executive Director Christine Link.

“The city of Cleveland announced that the courts were prepared to handle upwards of 1000 arrests per day, yet this small group of people are facing long delays in having their cases heard. There is no reason these people should be held for so long on minor charges.

Police in Philadelphia have planned to simply issue tickets for offenses such as failure to disperse during the Democratic National Convention. The delays in processing these cases suggest that protesters are purposefully being held to keep them off the streets. This is simply unacceptable treatment.”

The fact that press freedom is mentioned in the First Amendment show the importance journalism is to our democracy. Governments have long tried to control information that people receive by controlling the media. Police are not acting in the best interests of our country when they try to limit the view of those who provide eyes for the public."